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                      Announcement for postgraduate students (the research stage)     Clearance requirements     Admission Requirements      Extension application form     Students Admission Plan     Enrollment Requirements       Graduation Requirements       Application Form for Assistance Request to Postgraduate Students.       Application Form For Enrollment Status (Postgraduate Students).

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                Graduation Requirements   Required Documents to Submit a Transcript and Endorsements Request (Undergraduate).   Required Documents to Submit a Graduation Certificate (Postgraduate).   Required Documents to Submit a Transcript Request (Postgraduate).

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            Graduation Projects     

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                  E-LEARNING FOR CIVIL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT   The University of Technology through an agreement to use LMS Canvas provides an integrated e-learning system supplies the students and faculty members with several services such as creation electronics classroom, calendar, and hangout; through Google Apps for Education. Google Apps @Uotechnology.edu.iq.     E-LEARNING SYSTEM            

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        Lectures of First Stage Lectures of Structural Engineering Branch Lectures of Construction Engineering and Management Branch Lectures of Highways and Bridges Engineering Branch Lectures of Water and Hydraulic Structures Engineering Branch Lectures of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering Branch Lectures of Giomatic Engineering Branch

Legal Unit



The legal unit regulates the legal affairs of the department in all its aspects in terms of organizing legal guarantee transactions guaranteeing students of preliminary and higher studies, which is considered one of the conditions of admission in our department. Our unit expresses legal opinion in various transactions as well as sending its legal representatives to courts and police stations and all the other issues related to the department and assigns the staff of the unit to participate in the presidency and membership of the investigative committees in different and the need for the presence of a legal member in those committees based on the laws and regulations in addition to making pledges.

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