The Branch in Brief


The branch was established in the academic year 1997-1998. The goals of the branch are to graduate engineers specializing in building and construction engineering in general, capable to deal with topics related to building materials and management of construction projects. The branch also aims to upgrade the level of study in the fields of structural engineering.



Heads of Branch Since Establishment


Prof. Dr. Tariq M. Hadad


Assist. Prof. Dr. Kais J. Fraieh


Assist. Prof. Dr. Walid Abdul Razzaq






Research Lines


Development of building materials and enhancing their properties.


Researches in quality control and testing building materials.


Researches in topics related to Iraqi Code of Building Materials.


Studies in fields of modern methods of managing construction projects.


The role of construction sector on preserving the environment.


Assessment and rehabilitation of damaged structures.



 Faculty Members


The total number of faculty members during the 2010 – 2011 academic year is ( 33 ), including :


1     Professors


7     Assistant Professors


11   Lecturers


18    Assistant Lecturers