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                  E-LEARNING FOR CIVIL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT   The University of Technology through an agreement to use LMS Canvas provides an integrated e-learning system supplies the students and faculty members with several services such as creation electronics classroom, calendar, and hangout; through Google Apps for Education. Google Apps @Uotechnology.edu.iq.     E-LEARNING SYSTEM            

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Quality Division



About the Division

The Quality Assurance and University Performance Division seeks to ensure the quality and efficiency of the academic process in order to build a distinctive educational system. The mission is to believe in the need to adopt a complete system that reflects the maturity of senior management to improve the performance of the university. Our main objective is to ensure an academic environment in the Department of Building and Construction Engineering Global standards of work and university performance to achieve international reliability.


Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Division of Quality Assurance and University Performance


     The vision of the Quality Assurance Division stems from the vision of the department emanating from the vision of the university and seeks to achieve a number of goals in the interests of the department and the university and its mission in the service of the province and the country to the fullest.



     The Division of Quality Assurance and University Performance in the Department seeks to improve the work of the Division in order to be effective and influential in improving the performance of the College administratively and academically.


The message:

     Continuous improvement in the department at the administrative and academic levels through self-evaluation of all sections of the department and correction of errors in order to reach the goals set.




1. Disseminate the culture of self-evaluation.

2. Develop the logo of continuous improvement in the department as a working principle for all leaders and officials.

3. Achieve true and deserved distinction between Iraqi universities in the subject of self-evaluation and quality culture.

4. Gradual and adequate provision of the necessary requirements in order to obtain the international reliability of our scientific programs.

5. To ensure that all programs of the department have a curriculum designed and compatible with the requirements of the labor market in Iraq.

6. Communicate with students' fields of work and provide academic programs with periodic reports on student performance and the level of application of knowledge obtained during the study period.



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