Department Presidency



The department council is the highest authority in the department. It consists of:


Prof.Dr. Hasan Hamodi Joni

Head of the department



Prof. Dr. Mohammad Yousuf Fattah

Assistant Head of Department for Scientific Affairs



Assist.Prof.Dr. Qais Jawad Farih

Assistant Head of Department for Administrative Affairs



Prof. Dr.Jafar Sadiq Maatouq

Head of Water and Hydraulic Structures Engineering Branch



Assist.Prof.Dr.Makky Kamel

Head of Highway and Bridges Branch



Assist.Prof.Dr. Wael Shauqi

Head of Structural Engineering Branch



Prof.Dr. Maan S. Hassan

Head of Construction and Management Engineering Branch



Assist.Prof.Dr.Faris Hammoodi Mohammed

Head of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering Branch



Prof.Dr. Imuzahim Abdul Karim

Head of Geomatics engineering branch