Sunday, 17 March 2024 06:37

The Department of Civil Engineering awards a master's degree


The Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Technology awarded a master’s degree in the field of (structural engineering) to the student Ali Mohsen Razouk on 3/7/2024 for his thesis titled:
Effective width of T-section reinforced concrete lintel flange
Flange effective width of recycled aggregate reinforced concrete T-beam
In this research, the effective width of the flange was studied by studying seventeen concrete beams with section (T) divided into seven groups. Based on the results of the beams (T) that were tested, the effective width of the flange (be) was affected when compared with the beams controlled on As follows: decrease by (2.96%, 4.37%, and 5.96%), respectively, when increasing the percentage of recycled coarse aggregate, increase by (11.8%, 15.83%, and 19.14%), respectively; When the percentage of adding iron fibers was increased, the increase was (14.71% and 30.58%), respectively; When increasing the lip width, the increase is (4.83% and 10.08%), respectively; When the flange thickness is increased, the increase is (8.12% and 12.88%), respectively. When the flexural steel percentage (ρw) is increased, the increase is (1.83% and 0.69%), respectively. When the shear steel percentage (ρv) is increased and By (4.3% and 6.07%), respectively, when the percentage of lip iron (ρf) was increased.
The discussion committee consisted of:
1- Professor Dr. Wael Shawqi Abdel-Sahib, Chairman
2- Assistant Professor Dr. Asmaa Ali Ahmed, member
3- Assistant Professor Dr. Mohamed Shehab Mahmoud, member
4- Assistant Professor Dr. Iyad Kazem Sayhoud, member and supervisor
5- Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Sadiq Rashak, member and supervisor