Sunday, 17 March 2024 06:32

A workshop on graduation requirements for postgraduate students

Sponsored by the Head of the Civil Engineering Department, Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Majeed Khudair, respected
The Civil Engineering Department, Graduate Studies Division, held a workshop entitled: (Graduation requirements for graduate students)
This will take place at ten o’clock in the morning on Tuesday, 3/5/2024, in the discussion room in the department.
The department's graduate students and a number of graduate students from other university departments participated in the workshop, in the presence of branch heads and graduate studies rapporteurs.
The lecture was given by the lecturer, Dr. Ahmed Shamkhi Jabr (Director of the Graduate Studies Division).
The workshop included several topics:
- The first axis - Important notes about the electronic quotation program (Turnitin) and artificial intelligence.
- The second axis - The effective use of Microsoft Word in letters and dissertations.
- The third axis - requirements for publication and reliability in Scopus and Clarivate containers.