Cinque Terre

Khudhayer Najim Abdullah Kammash

Civil Engineering Department

Assistant Professor

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I am working as an associate professor at the University of Technology- Civil Engineering Department. I hold a PhD degree in Civil engineer/structural

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Ph.D structural Engineering (2005), university of technology.

M.Sc structural Engineering, (1995)university of baghdad .

B.Sc. civil engineering (1989).

My research interests mainly focus on structural engineering

Behavior of hybrid reinforced concrete beams made with two types of concrete (normal weight and reactive powder concrete

Anaerobic Digestion of Tomato Wastes from Groceries Leftovers: Effect of Moisture Content

optimal sizing of photovoltaic system using homer for Baghdad

potential of renewable energy in al-fourat al-awsat: al najaf case study

Reinforced concrete design 1

Reinforced concrete design 2