Cinque Terre

Abbas Zedan Khalaf

Civil Engineering Department

Assistant Prof.

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Ph.D, Civil Engineering, Surveying , University of Washington, USA , 1984.

M.Sc., Civil Engineering, Surveying , University of Washington, USA, 1980.

B.Sc., Civil Engineering , University of Basrah , Iraq, 1976.

Geomatics Engineering




Geomatics Applications

Building archaeology geodatabase in Iraq using GIS

3D Digital modeling for archeology using close range photogrammetry

Assessment of Structure with Analytical Digital Close Range Photogrammetry, Engineering

Large Scale Map Production using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Extracting 3D Coordinates from Digital X-ray Images with Resection-Intersection Photogrammetric Approach


Engineering Surveying I

Engineering Surveying II

Advance Surveying

Advance Photogrammetry