Cinque Terre

Ghufran Farooq Jumaah

Civil Engineering Department


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My research focus mainly on environmental assessment and waterand wastewater quality as well as solid waste management , I'm also intereseted in air pollution control

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Ph.D, environmental Engineering , technology University, IRAQ 2016.

M.Sc., environmental Engineering , technology University, IRAQ, 2005.

B.Sc., CIVIL Engineering , University of Mustansiryiah , Iraq, 1995.

water treatment

air pollution control

solid waste management

wastewater treatment

environmental assessment

Factors Affecting Aerobic Granulation Process of Activated Sludge

Aerobic granular sludge: an advanced technology to treat oil refinery and dairy wastewaters

Treatment of Medical Wastewater by Moving Bed Bioreactor System

photosynthetic Microbial Desalination Cell to Treat Oily Wastewater Using Microalgae Chlorella Vulgaris

Combined adsorbent best (chemical and natural) coagulation process for removing some heavy metals from wastewater

Data Communication

solid waste management

sanitary and environmental engineering

air pollution control