Cinque Terre

Husam Hikmat Baqir

Civil Engineering Department

Assistant Professor

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Geotechnical Engineering aspect, soil stabilization

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M.Sc. University of technology, Building and construction Eng. Dept Baghdad Iraq 1990

B.Sc. University of technology, Building and construction Eng. Dept Baghdad Iraq 1987

Geotechnical engineering

soil stabilization

Husam H. Baqir , Aqeel Al-Adili, Kawther Al-Soudany , Ali shareef. (2019). Interpretation of some results for clayey soil treated by Portland cement and Quick lime by microstructure and mineralogical analysis. International structural engineering and construction society. ISEC-10 Chicago, united states. (2019).

Falah H. Rahil, Husam H. Baqir. , Hussain N. Alkabee. (2019). “BEARING CAPACITY OF SOFT CLAY IMPROVED BY HEATING THROUGH DIFFERENT SPACING CASED BOREHOLES”.(2019). Kufa Journal of Engineering, Faculty of Engineering. Vol. 10 , No.1 , 2019.

Baqir H. Husam , Al-Soudani Y. Kawther , Al-Gharbawi, (2019). “Clay Columns Stabilizeb with Fly Ash in Soft Soils”. 4th International Conference on Buildings, Construction and Environmental Engineering- Istanbul – Turkey.

M.R. Mahmood, Husam H. Baqir & N.A. Abdullah (2017). Behavior of piled Raft Foundation Model Embedded within a Gypseous Soil Before and after Soaking. Engineering and Technology Journal. Volume 35, Year 2017 Issue

Husam H. Baqir, Aqeel Shakir Al-Adili & Ali H. Shareef, (2017). Compressibility of soft Iraqi soil stabilized with traditional Iraqi stabilizers (cement and lime)." MATEC Web of Conferences 162. BCEE3 2017.

Engineering Mathematics

Soil Mechanics

Foundation Engineering

Soil Improvement

Soil Stabilization

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