Water and Hydraulic Structures Engineering - B.Sc.




Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering specializing in Water and Hydraulic Structures Engineering


Water and Hydraulic structures engineering is a branch of civil engineering where the engineers in this specialty are trained to study and analysis of the hydrological systems, movement and distribution of surface and groundwater, and the multifunctional storage and control systems that consist of hydraulic installations and infrastructure facilities, in addition to irrigation and drainage projects, their systems and installations. The studies in the branch are also extended to the morphology of rivers and sediment transport with control and training structures, and to the design of hydraulic equipment such as pumps and turbines with its specialized infrastructures.

All of the aforementioned learning outcomes are controlled by theoretical and empirical equations and formulas with design charts and tables in addition to a group of high-level software.  


Work fields for water and Hydraulic Structures engineer:

Water and Hydraulic structures engineering is one of the rare and desirable specializations in the field of work that deals with irrigation infrastructure projects, reservation and storage structures with their equipment and hydraulic systems, transportation and distribution structures and facilities for water and sewage projects, in addition to protection and flood prevention facilities from roads and vital areas. The specialty is also extended to river engineering. Some of the areas a water engineer can work in is described herein:

  • Design and implementation of various of a specialized nature structures which are considered as infrastructures, such as dams and barrages, irrigation regulators, transportation structures, such as closed and open channels, distribution structures, such as intakes and outlets. Also the service structures such as calming ponds, sewers, flood protection facilities, and many other miscellaneous structures and facilities.
  • Supervising the implementation of the aforementioned structures and other systems.
  • Design and implementation of various supporting structures such as; embankments, roads, and dirt works.
  • Design and implementation of multiple facilities located within water, sewage and sanitary engineering works, such as; pumping systems, storage and fogging basins, and discharge measurements structures.
  • Providing various consultations regarding the sector of water resources and hydraulic structures.
  • Work in educational institutions as teaching assistants in universities and technical institutes.


Entities that have hired Water and Hydraulic Structures Engineering graduates:

  • Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Housing and public Municipalities, Ministry of Higher Education, Baghdad Municipality, in addition to the municipal departments of the provinces.
  • Private sector companies involved in the construction field and infrastructure projects.


Duration of study:

Four years.


The scientific department that grants the specialization:

Civil Engineering Department.


The scientific backgrounds that can be submitted to obtain the specialization:

Preparatory school graduate. The scientific and applied branches.

Graduates of technical institutes and professional preparations with the corresponding specialization.