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A Doctoral Thesis Discussion in the Civil Engineering Department



The Civil Engineering Department granted a doctorate degree in the engineering of building materials with excellence grade for the student (Mushtaq Sadiq Radi) on 24/06/2020 in the postgraduate Hall at the Civil Engineering Department and through the Google Meet platform for his research which is titled:

(Compressive Performance of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Wrapped Concrete Columns Affected by Corrosion)

The discussion committee consisted of:

1- Prof. Dr. Basil Salah Al-Shazhar (Chair).

2- Assist Prof. Dr. Waleed Abdul Razzaq Abbas (Member).

3- Assist Prof. Dr. Laith Shaker Rashid (Member).

4- Assist Prof. Dr. Suhad Muhammad Abdul (Member).

5- Assist Prof. Dr. Shatha Sadiq Hassan (Member).

6- Prof. Dr. Maan Salman Hassan (Member and Supervisor).

7- Assist Prof. Dr. Iqbal Naim Korkis (Member and Supervisor).










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