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Symposium at the Highways and Bridges Engineering Branch under title “Cold Asphalt Emulsions”

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The Highways and Bridges Engineering Branch, Building and Construction Engineering Department organized the scientific symposium under the title “Cold Asphalt Emulsions”. The symposium held on 23 February 2017 at the hall of Prof. Dr. Hussein Mohamed Hussein and under carful of university chair: Prof. Dr. Ameen Daway Thamer and department chair: Prof Dr. Rayadh Al-Anbari, The symposium chair is: Prof. Dr. Mohamed Yousif Fattah.

The aim of the symposium is to increase the scientific knowledge about the Cold Asphalt Emulsions such as properties, type and techniques for using such material in construction and maintenance of the roads.

The symposium was opened after listened to holy Quran and starting with welcome speech for university chair, department chair and symposium chair. They talk also about the importance of the symposium topics for the present time and for the future of Iraq.  

After that, series of presentations were presented based on the topics of each category as follows:

Asst. Prof. Dr. Hassan Hamoudi Johnny (Assistance of the department chair), lecture entitled (Properties of Mixtures Paving Cold Asphalt Emulsions).

Haitham Fadel Abdullah (Senior Engineer in the General Company for Minerals Industries), lecture entitled (Development of Asphalt Emulsions Polymeric Production).

prof. Dr. Shaker Faleh Albu Sultan (Faculty of Engineering, University of Karbala), lecture titled (Laboratory tests for asphalt mixes and its application of cold asphalt).

Farah Abdul Redha (Engineer, University staff), lecture entitled (Influence of asphalt emulsion as a tonic for the recovery properties of cured asphalt tiles).

Finally been honoured and give written thanks and appreciation to attend, participants and staff contributor to the scientific and Preparatory Committees of the symposium.




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