Water and Hydraulic Structures Engineering Branch



The Branch in Brief

The branch was established in the academic year 2001-2002. The goals of the branch are to graduate engineers specializing in building and construction engineering in general, capable to run and manage engineering projects of dams and water resources, water reservoirs, design of dams and water structures. The branch also aims to upgrade the level of study in the fields of structural engineering.



Heads of Branch Since Establishment

Prof. Dr. Kareem K. Al-Jumaile

Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohanad J. Al-Khazweni

Prof. Dr. Mahmood Saleh

Prof. Dr. Jaafar Sadeq Maatooq



Research Lines

  • Optimal usage of dams and water structures.
  • Management of water reservoirs.
  • Control and measurements of sediments in rivers and reservoirs and modern methods for treatment and drainage of sediments.
  • Study of surface and underground water, and modern methods of water treatment.
  • Study of groundwater and their movement, and making use of underground water reservoirs.




Faculty Members

The total number of faculty members is ( 27 )