vision,mission and objectives



Leadership in following the foundations of academic knowledge from both theoretical and applied aspects in parallel with modernizing curricula to keep pace with what has been achieved in theoretical and applied engineering sciences in various fields of civil engineering while adopting international quality standards in an integrated academic system in terms of teaching and scientific research that meets the requirements of society and sustainable development.



Contributing to supplying the labor market with highly competent engineers through their acquisition of theoretical and applied skills in the field of civil engineering, in addition to specialized skills in the fields of structural engineering, construction project management, and infrastructure facilities such as dams, roads, bridges, sewage networks, sanitary and environmental engineering, water resources engineering, and soil technologies. As well as modern technologies in geomatics engineering and remote sensing.



- Work effectively and efficiently to open new scientific horizons in accordance with the needs of the labor market.
- Supports sustainable development plans and community requirements.
- Successfully apply basic mathematical, scientific, and engineering principles to formulate and solve engineering problems and use energy and resources sustainably.
- Possibility of working in design, analysis, preparation and testing in the field of civil engineering.
- Work effectively and adhere to professional ethics and integrity at the work site.
- Developing and acquiring communication skills with others, working on a team principle, sensitive to the needs of urban society, and respecting time by adhering to work progress schedules.