Cinque Terre

Qasem Abd Al-Karem

Civil Engineering Department

Assistant Professor

عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.

Civil Engineer. Interested topics: Soil and Rock Mechanic, Geology

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Ph.D. Geotechnical Branch, Civil Engineering Department, College of Engineering .

M.Sc. Civil Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Al-Mustansiriya University, Baghdad, Iraq .

B.Sc. Civil Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Al-Mustansiriya University, Baghdad, Iraq.


Gypseous soils

Soil improvement

Laboratory and field soil tests

Qasem, 2008, “Study the Effect of Layer Thickness on Modulus of Sub grade Reaction and Bearing Capacity of Soil Estimated by Plate Load Test”, 7th Scientific Conference for Engineering Researches, March 2008, p.p.1-8, College of Engineering, Al-Basrah University, Basrah, Iraq

Qasem et al., 2009, “Effect of West water on Physical and Chemical Properties of Clayey Soil”, The 6th Engineering Conference, April 2009, Vol. V, p.p. 31-45, College of Engineering, University of Baghdad, Baghdad , Iraq

Ahmad A.A., Qasem, Al-Shamcy A.A.J., 2009, “Evaluation of Bearing Capacity from Field and Laboratory Tests”, Engineering and Technology Journal, Vol.27, No.3, 2009, p.p.445-453, Technology University, Baghdad, Iraq

Qasem, S. T. and Ibrahim S.F., 2012, “Evaluation of Collapse Potential investigated from Different Collapsible Soils”, Laloui L. and Ferrari A., “Multi-Physical Testing of Soils and Shales”, p.p. 117-122, 3-5 September 2012, Lausanne, Switzerland

Qasem, S. T., 2013, “Total Suction Measurement of Unsaturated Artificial Gypsified Soil Using the Chilled-Mirror Hygrometer Technique”, 1st International Conference for Geotechnical Engineering and Transportation ICGTE, April 2013, Engineering and Technology Journal, Vol. 31, Part (A), No.20, 2013, p.p. 359-374, Technology University, Baghdad, Iraq

Soil and rock mechanics

Soil improvement

Foundation design

Geology, Site investigation

Advanced mathematics

Numerical methods