Cinque Terre

Nora Hameed Majeed

Civil Engineering Department


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My researches focus mainly on security in soil mechanic, foundation engineering, earthquake and Finite elements,

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M.Sc.,Geotechnic Engineering, university of technology, Iraq,2011.

B.Sc., Building and Construction Engineering, roads and bridges engineering ,university of technology Iraq,2005.

finite elements

soil dynamic

soil improvement

Geotechnical properties of reinforced clayey soil using nylons carry’s bags by products Nahla Salim*, Kawther Al-Soudany and Nora Jajjawi MATEC Web of Conferences 162, 01020 (2018)

Dynamic Finite Element Analysis of Sandy Soil-Pipe System Reinforced by Geogrid N.H. Jajjawi Engineering and Technology Journal

prediction of liquefaction potential and pore water pressure beneath machine foundations, fattah,M.Y., Mohammed A.Al_neami, N.H. Jajjawi, Cent.Eur.J.Eng.4(3).226_249.

Mathematics l, ll

soil mechanic

Foundation Engineering