Cinque Terre

Zainab Bahaa Mohammed Al Fayadh

Civil Engineering Department

Assistant Professor

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16 years of consultancy, academic, professional and on-site experience in the field of environmental and sanitary engineering, including designs and supervision of water networks and wastewater networks for buildings and cities (Plumbing design) and water and wastewater treatment plants, making impact assessment reports Environmental projects. As well as overseeing the final reports of delivery and making the required proposals for buildings.

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Ph.D, environmental Engineering, University of Technology, Iraq , 2012.

M.Sc., environmental Engineering, University of Technology, Iraq, 2002.

B.Sc., Civil Engineering, University of Technology, Iraq, 1999.

Civil Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Air pollution

industrial sludge treatment

Water treatment

wastewater treatment

Supervise on the master thesis “urban air quality evaluation over Kirkuk city using field survey and geomantic technique

Supervise on the master thesis “evaluation moving bed biofilm reactor technology in wastewater treatment in al Rustamiyah treatment plant.

Biological phosphorus and nitrogen removal from wastewater using moving bed biofilm reactor MBBR.

Air quality index for Kirkuk city.

Mapping dispersion of urban air particulate matter over Kirkuk city using geographic information system.

Environmental Engineering

Sanitary Engineering

Sludge Treatment

Industrial waste water Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Water treatment

Holds many letters of thanks and appreciation from the President of the University of Technology, the Head of the Building and Construction Engineering Department, the Mayor of Baghdad, the Baghdad Provincial Council, and the Dean of the College of Engineering at the University of Kut for the efforts made in establishing scientific development and obtaining a degree of excellence in evaluating university performance and successful consulting work. As well as to participate in conferences, workshops and seminars held by the Department of Building and Construction Engineering, the University of Technology and other universities.