Cinque Terre

Zeena T. Jaleel

Civil Engineering Department


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M.Sc. Highway Engineering, University of Technology, Baghdad,Iraq,2006.

B.Sc. Building and Construction Engineering Department, University of Technology,Baghdad,Iraq,2000.

Pavement Design

Traffic Engineering

Asphalt Mix Design

1- Eliminating One of the Pollution Resources by Use of Wax as a Replacement for the Water - Proofing Tar Used in the Roofing System of Building.

2- Traffic Flow Improvement for Two Intersection of Army Canal Road.

3- Evaluation the Performance of Al-Thawra at Grade Intersection Using the HCS 2000 Computer Package.

4- Effect of Waste PVC addition on the Properties of (40-50) added Asphalt Cement.

Theoretical Highway Engineering

Highway Materials testing Labs

Engineering Drawing