Cinque Terre

Ahmed Shemkhi Jeber Al-Zuheriy

Civil Engineering Department

Assistant Professor

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ASCE and ACI member Ahmed Shemkhi Jeber Al-Zuheriy received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Missouri Columbia. He is currently a member of permanent staff (Assistant Professor) in Civil Engineering Department - University of Technology in Iraq. He received M.Sc. Degree in Structural Engineering and B.Sc. Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Technology in Iraq

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Ph.D., Civil Engineering - Structures Engineering, University of Missouri-Columbia, Missouri, USA, 2019

M.Sc., Civil Engineering - Structures Engineering, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq, 2005

B.Sc., Civil Engineering, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq, 1999

Design of reinforced concrete structures

NDE technologies for the condition assessment of structural buildings including ultrasonic methods

Partial Interaction Behavior of Slim Floors

Ultrasonic Stress Measurement in Steel Buildings

Response of Slab-Column Connections under Dynamic Collapse Load Rates

Ultrasonic measurement of stress in steel and concrete

Evaluation of Total Compressive Stress in Steel W-Flange Members Using Ultrasonic Shear Waves

A Novel Way of Using Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag and Steel Shaving Fibers for Production of Sustainable and Smart Rigid Pavement.

Evaluation of Total Stress in W-Flange Members Using Ultrasonic Shear Waves.

Experimental Study to Evaluate Antisymmetric Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams with Openings under Concentrated Loading Using Strut and Tie Model.s

Use of Waste Materials for Sustainable Development of Rigid Pavement.

Integrating Building Information Modeling and Virtual Reality to Develop Real-time Suitable Cost Estimates using Building Visualization.

An Experimental Study to Predict a New Formula for Calculating the Deflection in Wide Concrete Beams Reinforced with Shear Steel Plates.

The Effect of Nano-Sio2 Addition on The Properties of Pozzolime Concrete.

Seismic Behaviour of Rc Building Located in Erbil, Iraq and Strengthening by Using Steel Frame Sections Precast Bolt-Connected Steel-Plate Reinforced Concrete.

Optimum Steel Fiber Content of High Strength Pozzolime Concrete.

Ultrasonic stress measurement in steel buildings.

Engineering Mechanics (Statics)

Reinforced Concrete Design

The Theory of Structures

Concrete Lab

Road Lab

Scholarship awarded from HCED , Iraq, Prime Minister Office (2013-2019).

Several appreciation letters from University of Technology President and Head of Civil Engineering Department