Cinque Terre

Zeena Waleed Samueel

Civil Engineering Department

Assistant Professor

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My research focus mainly on Soft Clay Improvement, I'm also interested in Deep- Shallow Foundation & Soil Dynamic

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Ph.D, Geotechnical Engineering, Building & Construction Dept. , University of Technology, Iraq, 2010

M.Sc., Geotechnical Engineering, Building & Construction Dept. , University of Technology, Iraq, 2002

B.Sc., Building & Construction Dept., University of Technology, Iraq, 1998

Soil Improvement

Soil Reinforcement


Soil Testing

Soil Dynamic

Assessment Suitability of Some Natural Materials As Soil Reinforcements

Angle of Friction in Reinforced Earth

Performance of Soft Clay underneath a Ballast Model Embankment

Ordinary and Encased Stone Columns under Repeated Loading

1 g model and encased stone columns in soft soils

Behavior of axially loaded reactive powder concrete columns

Assessment of Bearing Capacity of Subbase Contaminated with Kerosene

Soft soil improved by stone columns and/or ballast layer

Behavior of Expansive Soil Treated with Silica Fume Material

Geotechnical Properties of Soft Clay Soil Stabilized by Reed Ashes

Studying Strength and Stiffness Characteristics of Sand Stabilized with Cement & Lime Additives

Sand Column Stabilized by Silica Fume Embedded in Soft Soil

Performance of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Gypseous Soil

Iraqi Gypseous Soil Stabilized by Ordinary and Encased Stone Columns

Performance of Soft Clay Stabilized with Sand Columns Treated with Silica Fume

Experimental investigation of single pile and pile group models subjected to lateral load in dry sand under multilayered condition

The Influence of Pile Group Configuration on dry sand under lateral loads


Behaviour of Soft Clayey Soil Improved by Fly Ash and Geogrid under Cyclic Loading

Correlation of soil liquefaction potential index and Geotechnical properties for Baghdad city, Iraq

A Comparison Study on the Effect of Various Layered Sandy Soil Deposited on Final Settlement under Dynamic Loading

Investigation of the behavior of shallow machine foundation resting on a saturated layered sandy soil subjected to a dynamic load

Influence of Fly Ash Addition on Behavior of Soft Clayey Soi

Soil Mechanics

Foundation Engineering

Engineering Analysis & Numerical Analysis

Advanced Earth Structures

Advanced Earth Reinforcement

Advanced Numerical Analysis

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