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Mustafa Al-Mukhtar

Civil Engineering Department

Assistant Professor

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I am working as an associate professor at the University of Technology- Civil Engineering Department. I hold a PhD degree in Water Resources Engineering from TU Freiberg in Germany

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Ph.D Water Resources Engineering and Management.

M.Sc Building and Construction Engineering- Water Resources Engineering.

B.Sc. Building and Construction Engineering- Sanitary Engineering .

My research interests mainly focus on hydrological modelling and the impacts of climate changes on water resources. Also, I am interested in the machine learning modelling methods i.e. Artificial Intelligence methods

Al-Mukhtar, M. & Qasim, M. (2019) Future predictions of precipitation and temperature in Iraq using the statistical downscaling model. Arabian Journal of Geosciences. 2 (12).

Al-Mukhtar, M., Al-Yaseen, F. (2019) Modeling Water Quality Parameters Using Data-Driven Models, a Case Study Abu-Ziriq Marsh in South of Iraq. Hydrology 6(1), 24;

Al-Mukhtar, M. (2019) Random forests, support vector machine, and neural networks to modelling suspended sediment in Tigris River-Baghdad. Environ Monit Assess 191: 673.

Al-Mukhtar M. (2016) Modelling the root zone soil moisture using artificial neural networks, a case study. Environmental Earth Sciences. 75 (15):1124. DOI 10.1007/s12665-016-5929-2

Al-Mukhtar M. (2018) Integrated approach to forecast future suspended sediment load by means of SWAT and artificial intelligence models, a case study. Freiberg Online Geoscience. Jun (51). 52-77

Data Communication


Water Resources Management

Fluid Mechanics

Dams Engineering

Sanitary Engineering

Jun-September 2017. Fulbright Visiting Scholar. Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, University of Delaware, USA