Cinque Terre

Mohanned Qahtan Waheed

Civil Engineering Department

Assistant Professor

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Assistant Professor Dr. in the civil engineering department of University of Technology, in the same time working in the scientific and engineering construction bureau in the University of Technology in the field of site investigation

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Ph.D: Geotechnical Engineering,University of Technology – Iraq, 2016 .

M.Sc: Geotechnical Engineering,University of Technology – Iraq, 2006 .

B.Sc.: Building and Construction Eng. Dept. ,University of Technology – Iraq, 2002.

Analysis of geotechnical foundation by Finite element method using Plaxis software

Soil Improvement by Additives

Shallow Foundation Bearing Capacity

Piled Raft Analysis

Comparison of the Behavior for Free Standing Pile Group and Piles of Piled Raft, Engineering and Technology Journal ,Vol. 36, Part A, No.4, (2018)

Improvement of Engineering Soil Properties Using Non-Traditional Additives, MATEC Web of Conferences 162, 01027 (2018)

Parametric Study of Shallow Foundation Bearing Capacity in Clayey Soil, International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology (IJCIET), Vol. 9, Issue 10, October (2018)

Study Simulation of Shallow Foundation Behavior Using Different Finite Element Models, Journal of Advanced Civil Engineering Practice and Research, Volume: 8, Issue: June- (2019)

Study the behavior of square footing in clayey soil subjected to vertical loading, Materials Science and Engineering, IOP Conf. Series, 737 (2020)

Strength of Materials -(B. Sc)

Mathematics - (B. Sc)

Tunnel Engineering - (B. Sc)

Soil Mechanics - (B. Sc)

Foundation Engineering -(B. Sc)

Iraq ministry of youth and sport, 2017