Cinque Terre

Maan Nihad Ibrahim

Civil Engineering Department


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The general specialization is civil engineering, specialization in construction project management engineering. Area of expertise, teaching lectures and lessons related to construction project management. Preparing bills of quantities and work progress programs, supervising the implementation of construction projects and managing them.

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Ph.D.Construction Management –School of Civil Engineering and Surveying- University of Southern Queensland Australia 2020.

M.Sc. Construction Management -Building and Construction Engineering- university of Technology 2001

B.Sc. Civil Engineering- College of Engineering -Al-Mustansiriya University 1993/1994

Construction management

Risk Management

Cost control

Quantitative survey

Risk factors affecting the ability for earned value management to accurately assess the performance of infrastructure projects in Australia

تأثير مقاس الحجر في الطبقة السطحية على كلفة وخواص الكاشي

أثر بعض القرارات التصميمية في رفع كلفة بناء الوحدة السكنية

Engineering Drawing

Quantitative survey