Cinque Terre

Zeina waleed abbas

Civil Engineering Department

Assistant Lecturer

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My researches focus mainly on Computer science

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M.Sc.,Degree in Computer Science Department,University of Technology,Baghdad,Iraq,2006.

B.Sc.,Degree in Computer Science Department in Al-Mansour University College,Baghdad,Iraq,1995.

Computer science

- Lubna Zaghlul Bashir,Zeina Waleed,(2012),”Reward Effect in Reinforcement Learning Systems “,Iraqi Journal of Computers,Communication, Control and System Engineering” ,Iraq, Vol.12,No.1,2012,ISSN 714.

- Zeina Waleed Abbas(2016),”Biometric Keystroke Recognition Based on HYBRID SVD and Wavelet for Feature Transformation “, Journal of Engineering and Sustainable Development,Iraq,Vol.20,No.05,September 2016,ISSN1813-7822.

- Zeina Waleed Abbas,(2018),”Design and Implementation of smart Digital Door Lock Based on BBS PRNG,Journal University of Kerbala,Vol.16,No.2 Scientific.2018,ISSN18130410.


Visual Basic 6.0

Principles of computers ,office