Cinque Terre

Mohammed Yousif Fattah

Civil Engineering Department


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My researches focus mainly on Soil Dynamics, Soil Improvement, Unsaturated Soil

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Ph.D, University of Baghdad, Iraq, 1999.

M.Sc., University of Baghdad, Iraq, 1996.

B.Sc., University of Baghdad, Iraq, 1989.

Soil Dynamics, Unsaturated Soil

1. Al-Juari, K, A. K., Fattah, M. Y., Khattab, S. I. A., Al-Shamam, M. K., (2020), “Simulation of Behaviour of Swelling Soil Supported by a Retaining Wall”, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers – Structures and Buildings,

3. Bouassida, M., Fattah, M. Y. & Mezni, N. (2020), “Bearing Capacity of Foundation on Soil Reinforced by Deep Mixing Columns”, Geomechanics and Geoengineering, DOI: 10.1080/17486025.2020.1755458.

4. Fattah, M. Y., Dawood, B. A., (2020), “Time-Dependent Collapse Potential of Unsaturated Collapsible Gypseous Soils”, World Journal of Engineering, Vol. 17 No. 2, pp. 283-294., DOI: 10.1108/WJE-09-2019-0276.

5. Fattah, M. Y., Salim, N. M., Al-Gharrawi, A. M. B., (2019), "Effect of Soil Plug Removal on the Load-carrying Capacity of Symmetric and Non-symmetric Pile Groups", Ships and Offshore Structures,

1. Jasim, A.F., Fattah, M.Y., Al-Saadi, I.F., (2020), “Geogrid Reinforcement Optimal Location under Different Tire Contact Stress Assumptions”, International Journal of Pavement Research and Technology.

Soil Mechanics I

Foundation Engineering

Finite Elements

Advanced Soil Mechanics

Soil Dynamics

Arab Creative Award (Technical Creative) 2016 - The Arab Thought Foundation Organization.

World Champion 2019 in Earth Science, International Agency for Standards and Ratings, Division for Certification and Accreditation.