Geomatics Engineering - B.Sc.

Bachelor of in civil engineering / Geomatics eng.


Geomatics Eng. Is the branch of civil eng. Which is developing rapidly in the latest years depend on using of satellite data and remote sensing techniques, additional aerial photo, and Drone data and to enhance the image processing methods to preparing topographic mapping and analyzing the digital satellite image using remote sensing techniques which are necessary for all civil engineering applications for that the student do hard to gain the more skill and experience due to using the new detail device for data collection and data analysis with update software in Geographic information system  (GIS).

The civil engineering department at the University of technology is the first department in all the Iraqi Universities using that technology.


Work Fields of geomatics engineering

The specialty of geomatics engineering is one of the updated and developed techniques in civil engineering also enable the student to work in different project such as:

  • Supervising in the preliminary stage of various projects including Highway, Bridges projects, water and piping, and water resource projects, Urban planning ( Master plan )…etc, through the survey and map preparation using digital devices and updated software
  • Prepare the geomatic measurements for engineering projects including surveying and topographic mapping,

Non-distractive test measurement using (GPR) Ground penetration Radar for structural engineering. Also, support and target detection underground and using of satellite image and GPS measurements for detail map production to the different projects.

  • Work in government sectors and private sectors refers to the focuses for this specified in the work and labor market.
  • Work in the military and security sectors for the importance of this specialize and need to the applications.


Entities that have hired structural engineering graduates:

  • Private and mixed sector companies involved in the field of construction.
  • Government ministries and bodies not associated with a ministry, governorates, and municipalities.


Study Duration

Four academic years

This scientific department that grants the specialization civil engineering department.


The scientific department that grants the specialization:

Civil Engineering Department.


The Scientific background

Preparatory school graduate. The scientific and applied branches

Graduated from technical institutes and professional preparations with the corresponding specialization