Geomatics Engineering - M.Sc.





Master in civil engineering special in (geomatic eng.)


Work field for master's graduate in geomatics eng.

  • Supervising for digital map production projects for civil engineering works.
  • Works in the academic and research centers for developing the techniques in this field
  • There is a chance to work in the collage of the universities of higher education and scientific research ministry
  • Work in the private sector to archive the research goals added to the precise computation and measurement for civil engineering projects.
  • Prepare the strategic planner to the ministries and centers which are deal with the monitoring the disasters such as flooding center, earthquakes center, and climate changes center and Urban Planning studies through preparing the digital maps and geodatabase for these centers.


Entities that have hired geomatics engineering graduates.

  • Ministry of higher education and scientific research
  • Researcher institute and centers
  • Private colleges
  • Mixed and private sectors and companies


The scientific department that grants the specialization:

Department of Civil Engineering.


Duration Study

Two years (the first year for studying courses and second year for research

The scientific department that grants the specialization civil engineering department 


Scientific background

Bachelor of building and construction engineering

Bachelor of civil engineering

Higher diploma in geographic information system (GIS) From University of Technology