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On Tuesday, 17/8/2021, the President of U.O.T., Prof. Dr. Ahmed M. Hassan Al-Ghabban, opened a branch for the COVID 19  vaccine in Civil Engineering Dept.  at the university, under the direct supervision of Vice – President of the University for Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Hussein Hamid Karim.

The formation of the branch comes in cooperation between the U.O.T.  and the General Directorate of Health in Baghdad.

the Vice–President for  Scientific affairs /Prof. Dr. Heider Abed Dhahad has taken Pfizer vaccination during the inauguration campaign against COVID 19.

Prof. Dr. Hussein Karim Hamid, said that according to the directions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and following up by the President of the University of Technology, this procedure, which is part of the cooperation programs between the U.O.T. and the General Directorate of Health in Baghdad. These two institutions are cautious to keep governorate people and university employees safe From the epidemic.

The representative of the General Directorate of Health of Baghdad, based on the care of the Ministry of Health and the General Directorate of Health to fight the epidemic and preserve people's lives, this branch has been allocated at the university, which will provide its services to university employees and students.

the branch of vaccination will be opened from Saturday to Thursday.



















The Department of Civil Engineering awarded a PhD degree in geotechnical engineering to the student (Ahmed Ali Hussein) on 13/9/2021 and to the postgraduate hall in the department for his research tagged:
"Evaluation of the behavior of liquid reservoir foundations on sandy soils under the influence of earthquake".

Evaluation of the behavior of liquid tank foundations on sandy soils under the influence of earthquakes.
An official committee consisted of
1- Prof. Hussein Hamid Karim
2- Prof. Jawdat Kazdem Abbas Member
3- A.M.D. Saad Fayek Abbas is a member
4- A.D. Makki Kamel Hassan is a member
5- A.D. Medhat Shaker Medhat is a member
6- Prof. Mohamed Abdel Latif Mahmoud, member and supervisor
7- A.D. Falah Hassan, the departure of any member and supervisor

Saturated and dry sandy soils of different densities, shaft vibrating table machine with shear box was used Flexible laminate. Simulation of the local earthquake on the western as well as the international earthquake of El Centro and Kobe in this studying. Experimental tests were carried out on two water tank models It consists of a laminate cut box. The first model is a water tank Equivalent holding tank with water pressure to simulate a water storage tank without hydrodynamic pressure. From the results, it was found that the stability and offset in the directions of (x & z) directions significantly compared to the humidifier bent is equivalent in the second model at all acceleration states. Where is the area of ​​subsidence in subsidence Liquid storage due to the hydrodynamic pressure of saturated sand in the case of El Centro 2.3% and 6.2% in Ali Al Gharbi.






















Prof.Dr.Salah Al-Fatlawi, Head of Supervision and Scientific Research Department at Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research accompanied with Prof.Dr.Ahmed Al-Gabban President of University of Technology and vice-president for scientific affairs Prof.Dr.Haider Dahad and vice-president for administrative affairs Prof.Dr.Hussien Hamad inspected on Tuesday the face examinations in the engineering departments and see the procedures and the types of the examination questions, their difficulty and the plans adopted during the exams, the protective actions as social distancing, wearing masks to avoid pandemic breakout.

Al-Fatlawi praised the efforts of the presidency departments and the examination committees to serve the students and provide all their needs, wishing everyone all the success to serve our country.







The Committee of Deans of Engineering Faculties for Iraqi Universities hold the fourth virtual session for the academic year 2020/2021

The Head of the Civil Engineering Department at UOT, Prof. Hassan Hamoudi Joni, chaired the meeting of the Deans’ Committee of Engineering Faculties of the fourth virtual session for the academic year 2020/2021.

 The meeting included a discussion of many axes in the academic and engineering fields and all the developments of all engineering colleges in Iraq.

 And they discussed the recommendations and decisions previously agreed upon, especially the creation of rare qualitative specializations, the review of curricula of graduate and post graduate studies, updating curricula for some departments of colleges, diagnosing obstacles to the application of e-learning and how to overcome them, in addition to discussing documents received from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. And take the necessary measures in light of it.