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A training course on engineering project management using MS-project program:

 A training course entitled (Engineering Project Management using MS-project program) was held in the Civil Engineering Department within the program of courses held by Continuous Education Center for the period 27-31 / 12/2020.

Lectures in the course were delivered by:

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahlam Sader Mohammed and Assist. Lect. Shaimaa Muthana (from Water and Hydraulic Structures Engineering Branch).

 A number of the department’s staff participated in the course, in addition to two lecturers from the Materials Engineering Department.

















The head of the civil engineering department chairs the meeting of the deans’ committee of the faculties of engineering in Iraqi universities:

 The head of the Civil Engineering Department at the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Hassan Hamoudi Johnny, chaired on Wednesday 30/12/2020 a meeting of the deans committee of engineering faculties in Iraqi universities.

The Chair of the College of Engineering Deans Committee, Prof. Dr. Hassan Hamoudi Johnny, said that the meeting focused on updating curricula and innovations for engineering departments in governmental and private colleges, developing curricula for postgraduate studies, as well as adopting assistant methodological books in one of the engineering specializations.

 Johnny added that the meeting included studying the details of the full preparations for the new academic year and working to overcome all obstacles for the success of the combined education system followed during the current academic year, as well as working on coordination between all engineering colleges in Iraq to receive students and follow-up for the student to take the practical and applied side in their governorates universities in their residence, where the practical aspect is very important for the student to receive science and gain knowledge according to the curriculum specified for them.

Johnny explained that the meeting discussed many of the axes that were presented, the most important are the books received from the supervision apparatus, including the formation of a committee of experts whose work would be to consider the creation of departments, branches, and colleges in the engineering field, especially the rare specializations required and to prepare the teaching staff that requires this on the one hand, and to discuss the curricula of postgraduate students, whether for a master's or doctorate and obtaining the approval of the ministry on the process of extending the limits of supervision for postgraduate students, as it is limited to a certain number that cannot be exceeded and according to the instructions.

At the end of the meeting, the chairman of the committee wished health and safety for all, and the new year would be the year of the end of the epidemic and would be a good year for our beloved Iraq and the whole world.