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Monday, 17 June 2019 09:26

ACI Iraq Chapter winners



The ACI Iraq Chapter is excited to announce the winners of the student project competition of the academic year 2018-2019. Students from different Iraqi Universities participated in the competition, which is organized each year.

The first-place winner project is titled: " Modified Testing Techniques to Reduce the Variability of The Repeated Drop-Weight Impact Test Results" by Ala’a Fadhil Kazem, Russul Mohammed Kareem , and Haneen AbdulAbbas Obaid of the Wasit University at Kut City and supervised by Prof. Dr. Sallal Rashid Abid.

The second winner project is titled: " Behavior of Modified Reactive powder-ferrocement slabs under static load " by Amna Hussein, Fatima Waleed, and Ruqiya Imad of the University of Tikrit and supervised by Asst. Prof. Dr. Mazin Burhan Adeen Abdulrahman.

The third winner project is titled: " Behavior of Different Shear Connectors in Different Types of Concrete " by Mohammed Hashim Ahmed and Elaf Khalid Daham of the University of Anbar and supervised by Prof. Dr Khalil Ibrahim and Mr. Shahoo hama.

The other third winner project is titled: " Mechanical Properties of Sustainable Concrete with Waste Plastic " by Mohammed Moayad Hassan, Mohammed L. Abdal-majeed, and Hassanian Kareem Hassan of the University of Technology and supervised by Prof. Dr. Wasan Ismail Khalil and Dr. Ali Attiea Jaber.