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Under the patronage of the President of the University, Prof. Amin Douai Thamer, Building and Construction Department has established seminar titled (Geomatics Engineering in the management of earthquakes and their effects) On Sunday, 25-3-2018 and the presence of the General Hadi Zamili, Advisor to the Minister of Defense and Major General Dr. Abdul-Hassan Nassif Dujail and the President of the University of Technology Professor Dr. Amin Dway Thamer and the head of the Department of Construction and Construction Engineering Dr. Hassan Hamoudi Johnny and a number of teachers and students section.

The seminar started with the speech of the university president, where he thanked the Department of Construction and Construction Engineering for his stay for this course because of its importance for the purpose of learning how earthquakes occur and how to manage the earthquake.

The University of Technology and through the Department of Building and Construction Engineering opened the remote sensing unit and then opened the geometrical engineering branch which deals with such matters and took upon itself the adoption of technological development in this aspect and cooperation to reach a prediction that benefits the community fully.

The head of the Department of Building and Construction Engineering, Dr. Hassan Hamoudi Jouni, welcomed the guests and the distinguished attendance. He said that the department is interested in holding specialized seminars and providing studies on important topics for the community such as

The Geomatics Engineering Branch is interested in these studies and managing the results of the earthquake. This seminar was proposed for the purpose of sharing the scientific information in the various specialties between the concerned departments and ministries.

And how to research the benefit of geomatics engineering in this field.

The seminar included two axes in which the researchers dealt with applied scientific research.








Building and Construction Engineering Department held a new course for laboratory examiners in cooperation with the American Concrete

Institute (ACI) During the period from 4-8 / 3/2018

where participants after passing the theoretical and practical examination of the international leave valid for laboratory work inside and outside Iraq.