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Wednesday, 26 February 2020 09:07

A workshop on pollution of water resources and methods of treating and preserving it was held by the sanitary and environmental engineering branch




       The Sanitary and Environmental Engineering Branch of the Civil Engineering Department held a scientific workshop entitled (Pollution of Water Resources and Methods of Treating and Preserving it) on the 16th and 17th of February. Assistant Prof. Dr. Hussein Al-Quraishi, the head of the branch and a faculty staff of the Civil Engineering department attended this workshop. On the first day, the workshop covered a lecture on (Groundwater Pollution in Central and Southern Iraq and Methods of Treating it) which was delivered by Assistant Prof. Dr. Tariq Abdul Hussein.

      The second day included a lecture on (ways to conserve water) which was delivered by Assistant Prof. Dr. Ghaida Yassin Rashid.










Monday, 17 June 2019 09:26

ACI Iraq Chapter winners



The ACI Iraq Chapter is excited to announce the winners of the student project competition of the academic year 2018-2019. Students from different Iraqi Universities participated in the competition, which is organized each year.

The first-place winner project is titled: " Modified Testing Techniques to Reduce the Variability of The Repeated Drop-Weight Impact Test Results" by Ala’a Fadhil Kazem, Russul Mohammed Kareem , and Haneen AbdulAbbas Obaid of the Wasit University at Kut City and supervised by Prof. Dr. Sallal Rashid Abid.

The second winner project is titled: " Behavior of Modified Reactive powder-ferrocement slabs under static load " by Amna Hussein, Fatima Waleed, and Ruqiya Imad of the University of Tikrit and supervised by Asst. Prof. Dr. Mazin Burhan Adeen Abdulrahman.

The third winner project is titled: " Behavior of Different Shear Connectors in Different Types of Concrete " by Mohammed Hashim Ahmed and Elaf Khalid Daham of the University of Anbar and supervised by Prof. Dr Khalil Ibrahim and Mr. Shahoo hama.

The other third winner project is titled: " Mechanical Properties of Sustainable Concrete with Waste Plastic " by Mohammed Moayad Hassan, Mohammed L. Abdal-majeed, and Hassanian Kareem Hassan of the University of Technology and supervised by Prof. Dr. Wasan Ismail Khalil and Dr. Ali Attiea Jaber.









Wednesday, 17 April 2019 06:25

Workshop Titled Course System and The Role of Academic Advisor

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The Civil Engineering Department held a specialized workshop on the course system and the role of the academic advisor on Thursday 4/4/2019 at the main hall in the department.

The lecture delivered by Prof. Ammar Mohammed Hamza from the Geomatics Engineering Branch, explaining the academic guidance, which is a central and pivotal point in education which is one of the elements of the system as it is an objective response to face social, economic and humanitarian variables at the heart of the system and its educational philosophy.

The course of courses for civil engineering proposed by the Committee of Civil Engineering Experts in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research was reviewed.



Wednesday, 17 April 2019 05:44

Scientific Visit to the Nanotechnology Center




Postgraduate students in Building and Construction Engineering Branch have visited the Nanotechnology Center at the University of Technology. During the visit, the students identified the center equipment and its uses in the examination of construction materials.






Wednesday, 27 March 2019 10:05

Lecture title Immunization of University Students from Terrorist Thoughts



Civil Engineering Department hold a lecture title:(Immunization of university students from terrorist thought). The lecture was delivered by Dr. Qassem Hadi Moussa and Mr.Mohamed Abdel Latif Khattab. The lecture was attended by a group of students of the department from all branches and stages and some of the professors of the department.

The lecture included the definition of terrorism and its causes and damage and the factors that led to the phenomenon and how to eliminate the thought of terrorism and the role of the university in that and then opened the opportunity to questions and discussion and participated a number of students and professors in this debate.





Wednesday, 27 March 2019 09:54

Lecture about the Modern technologies in surveying devices


From the principle of scientific cooperation between the university and the private sector, the Civil Engineering Department / Geomatics Engineering Branch held a scientific lecture entitled:

(Modern technologies in surveying devices)

On Wednesday 13/3/2019 on the concrete laboratory hall in the Department delivered the lecture by Mr. Mohamed Hamza Sultani from the Al Sadoof Company.


In the presence of Hasan Hamodi Jony Head of Civil Engineering Department, Abdul Razzaq Tarash Zaboun, Head of Geomatics Engineering Branch, and a number of teaching and laboratory staff and students of the department.








Wednesday, 27 March 2019 09:40

Book Exhibition in the Department



With a beautiful initiative of the third stage students of the structural engineering branch in the Civil Engineering Department and in cooperation with the publishing houses , the book exhibition was opened at the University of Technology on Sunday 17/3/2019 until 1/4/2019 in the courtyard of the Civil Engineering Department where the exhibition contains more than 200 titles of books and novels the aim of the establishment of this exhibition is to provide a variety of books disseminating culture among students.





Wednesday, 27 March 2019 09:23

Scientific trip to Al Rostamiyah wastewater treatment station



Department of Civil Engineering Department of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering Branch organized a scientific trip for the students of the third and fourth stage on Tuesday, 19/3/2019 to the wastewater treatment project in Rustamiya under the supervision of a number of the academic staff of the department, including Dr. Zineb Bahaa Dr. Ghayda Yasin Dr. Ghafran Farooq, Dr. Ayat Hussain, Faiza Ahmad, Alaa Qassem, Ahmed Foad and Zaid Al – Anbari.

During the scientific visit, the students learned about the main parts of the project and the treatment methods used from the beginning of the entry of waste water to the project and until the treatment of treated water is sent to the river.


The students said that such scientific trips are very important to them, and they were keen to make the most of them in identifying, exploring and inquiring to connect theoretical aspects in their studies with practical aspects.









Wednesday, 27 March 2019 06:08

Seminars for graduate students in Water and Hydraulic Structures Engineering Branch




The Civil Engineering Department at the University of Technology holds seminars for postgraduate students in Water and Hydraulic Structures Engineering Branch to discuss the students' research in front of Asst. Prof Dr. Mohammud Salih Chairman branch and number of academic staff


The students who gave their presentations are:

  • Rana Dia

Assessment and Mitigation of Sediment Yield for Hemrin Dam watershed

  • Hunain Jawad

Evaluation of Seawater Intrusion  in Coastal Aquifer and Possibility of Control the Salt Intrusion

  • Ali Safih

Re evaluation of earthquake effects on the stability of Himreen Dam

  • Fouad Hassan

Modelling water quality and quantity in the Iraqi marshes, a case study (Abu-Ziriq Marsh).


  • Mustafa Talib Sharif

Modeling of Groundwater Quality of River Area in Iraq Using GMS model

  • Mona Galal

Calibration of selected discharge measuring

  • Mona Suleiman

Comparative Stability Analysis of Different Shapes of Elevated Water Storage Tanks Exposed to Earthquakes









Wednesday, 27 March 2019 06:04

Sanitary and Environmental Engineering Branch seminars




The Civil Engineering Department at the University of Technology holds seminars for some of academic staff at the Sanitary and Environmental Engineering branch to discuss the new techniques in that field of study by Asst. Prof Dr. Saad Fauqe, Dr. Sammeh Badri and Asst. Lecturer Heba Abdulrazaq.







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