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Saturday, 16 July 2022 12:36

Prof. Dr. Jaafar Sadeq Maatooq participated in a Conference


Prof. Dr. Jaafar Sadeq Maatooq, Head of the Water and Hydraulic Structures Engineering Branch in the Civil Engineering Department, participated in the Proceedings of the Expanded Conference No. 39 of the International Organization for Water and Environmental Research, which is currently being held in Granada, Spain, for the period from 19-24 June 2022

His participation in the conference was represented by his presentation of the scientific research tagged

Field Study of the Differential Movements Problems for the Construction Joints of Al-Shamiya Barrage – South of Iraq, Within the focus of hydraulic installations research.

It is worth noting that Prof. Dr. Jaafar Sadeq Maatooq is the only participant from Iraq in this conference.










Saturday, 16 July 2022 12:32

A Patent in the Civil Engineering Department



The Ph.D. student Riyadh Abdel-Abbas Ali innovated under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ibtisam Raheem Karim from the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Technology and in partnership with Prof. Dr. Saleh Issa Khassaf from the College of Engineering at the University of Basra on the topic (Innovative Intelligent Laboratory System to Simulate the Real Water-Structure-Earthquake Interaction Test (RWSEIT) and Its Influence for Dynamic Response of Marine Concrete Structures).

It is considered the first innovation in the field of civil engineering that has the ability to simulate real earthquakes combined with the water forces represented by currents and waves to discover the effect of these forces on the dynamic behavior of sea bridges.

The work included the manufacture of a laboratory channel with a length of (6) meters, a width of (1.5) meters, and a height of (1.25) meters, which is a contains on a (Biaxial Shaking Table) device to represent the real earthquakes and their actual directions (X&Y) and approved in the international codes (ASTM & ACI), and the channel also contains two technologies to generate waves and currents of water with variable characteristics and controlled electronically through an intelligent control system that designed software for this purpose.

The innovative system was registered as an Iraqi patent approved by the American (University of New Mexico) and under the title:

(Innovative Intelligent Laboratory System to Simulate the Real Water-Structure-Earthquake Interaction Test (RWSEIT) and Its Influence for Dynamic Response of Marine Concrete Structures).







Saturday, 16 July 2022 12:28

Highway and Bridges Engineering branch held a discussion session



Under the patronage of the Head of the Civil Engineering Department, Professor Dr. Hasan Hamodi Joni. In order to activate and maintain the experience of the visiting professor.

The Branch of Highway and Bridges Engineering in the Department of Civil Engineering held a discussion session on (problems of gypsum collapsing soils and modern methods of treating them)  on Thursday May, the 19th 2022.

The lecture was given by the expert Dr. Ahmed Abdel Azal Al-Mufti, a consultant in the Canadian Rocscience company and a former teacher at the University of Baghdad.

In the presence of the Administrative Assistant to the President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr.Hussein Hamid and a number of professors and employees of the department and graduate students, as well as professors and interested people from inside and outside the university.In the seminar, the visiting professor spoke about his long experience in the field of gypsum soils, and touched on basic and modern concepts and theories related to gypsum soils, The seminar attracted great interest from the attendees, and the visiting professor promised to hold other workshops and seminars in the near future.










Saturday, 16 July 2022 12:26

Cooperation between the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Civil Engineering Department


In cooperation between the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Civil Engineering Department - Remote Sensing Research Unit and GIS.

A research team consisting of:-

-Asst. Prof. Dr. Amjad Al-Hamidawi

-Lecturer. Raad Abdul-Khader Suhaib

-Mr. Ahmed Imran

The team was able to Publish a tagged search Ground penetration radar based digital image processing for reinforcement corrosion in concrete

Within the German publishing house springer and the Swiss magazine innovative infrastructure Solution

Indexed in Clarivate and Scopus within the second quartile.

The research deals with the adoption of GPR based on advanced image processing to calculate the degree of corrosion of reinforcing steel in construction.

For more information, please visit the website



Saturday, 16 July 2022 12:19

The Department awarded a Ph.D. degree in building materials engineering



The Department of Civil Engineering awarded a Ph.D. degree in the field of building materials engineering to the student (Iman Kattoof Harith) on 24/5/2022 at the postgraduate hall in the department for her tagged research:

“Innovative of nano-modified concrete mixed, placed and cured at hot/dry application in summer periods”

The discussion committee consisted of:

1- Prof. Dr. Wasan Ismail Khalil                                                                 President

2- Prof. Dr. Nada Mahdi Fawzy                                                                   Member

3- Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mansour Kazem                                                    Member

4- Asst. Prof. Dr. Qais Jawad Frayyeh                                                         Member

5- Asst. Prof. Dr.  Ali Attiea Jaber                                                               Member

6- Prof. Dr. Maan Salman Hassan                                        Member and Supervisor

7- Asst. Prof. Dr. Shatha Sadiq Hasan                                  Member and Supervisor


One of the most problems that face concrete production in Iraq and various countries in the Middle East is hot weather concreting. For example, in Iraq, the temperature reached 50°C in the summer season, therefore, the construction season is shortened by at least two months (July-August). Several international standards have recommended specific precautionary cooling measures to reach the maximum acceptable temperature of recently mixed concrete, in target to avoid adverse effects on concrete. The main objective of the study is to reveal the effects of cooling via using liquid nitrogen on the soft and hardening properties of concrete as well as the microstructure of hardened concrete. Multiple concrete mixtures with different pozzolanic materials were produced, poured, and cured at high temperatures (40 - 45oC) pointing to uses in hot summer periods in most regions of Iraq. The design of the experiment's approach was followed to evaluate the efficiency of liquid nitrogen in improving the properties of fresh and hardened concrete against other alternatives. Considered independent variables were fly ash, nano-silica, and liquid nitrogen. Pouring concrete at high temperatures weather requires the use of up to 276 liters / m3 of liquid nitrogen to reduce the concrete temperature by 20 degrees Celsius. The results showed that liquid nitrogen considerably improved the whole fresh and hardened properties of concrete mix produced at high temperatures.





Saturday, 16 July 2022 11:53

Seminars for postgraduate students of the Water and Hydraulic Structures Engineering Branch




The Water and Hydraulic Structures Engineering Branch in the Civil Engineering Department held seminars for doctoral graduate students on 4/4/2022 in the discussion room in the department to discuss the students’ researches path

The discussion session was attended by the Head of the Civil Engineering Department, Prof. Dr. Hassan Hamoudi Johnny, and the Head of the Water Engineering and Hydraulic Facilities Branch, Prof. Dr. Jaafar Sadiq Maatouk, a group of the branch staff, supervisors, and postgraduate students in the department :.

- Alaa Hassan Nima Hussein

 Ruaa Khaled Hamdan Abdullah

Riyadh Abdel-Abbas Ali Kazem

Zainab Kazem Jabal Obaid

Abdul Razzaq Khader Abdul Wahed

Fouad Hussein Saeed Manea

Nour Sabah Abbas Khalaf

Jawad Kazem Muhammad

Zeinab Deccan Abbas

Fatima Habib Kazem

Mahmoud Jassim Muhammad

- Nasser Khalaf Muhaisen

Nour Qassem Sabri

During the seminars, the researches were discussed and valuable interventions were presented by the professors to evaluate the research path by asking accurate scientific questions related to the research.









Wednesday, 06 July 2022 19:38

Workshop on (Graduation requirements for postgraduate students)



With the presence of the Head of the Water and Facilities Engineering Branch, Prof. Dr. Jaafar Sadiq Maatouk,the branch  rapporteur, and the department's director of graduate studies, the  branch held a workshop titled: "Graduation requirements for postgraduate students."

Several graduate students working on the branch's research project participated in the session. The keynote speaker was Dr.Ahmed Shamkhi Jabr, (Director of the Graduate Studies Division). The workshop's subjects included the following:

1-Important details concerning the electronic citation program are listed on the first axis (Turnitin).

2-Microsoft Word usage in thesis and dissertation.

3-Graduation and publication requirements in Scopus and Clarivate.






Wednesday, 06 July 2022 19:34

Scientific Visit to Al- Nakhla Residential Towers project



Within the scientific activities conducted by the Civil Engineering Department, the Highway and Bridges Engineering Branch in the department had a scientific trip to one of the investment projects, which is Al- Nakhla Residential Towers project / Al-Muthanna Airport Road for the students of the fourth stage of Roads and Bridges Engineering Branch with the students of the Building Engineering and Project Management branch on Thursday, 31 /3 / 2022.

A group of Civil Engineering Department staff went on the trip also, headed by the Head of the Roads and Bridges Engineering Branch, Dr. Makki Kamel Mohsen, Dr. Mohamed Abdel Latif Mahmoud, and Lec. Humam Hassan Mohammed and Lec. Almas Faraj Muhammad with a number of fourth-year students of the roads and bridges engineering, construction, and project management branches.

The trip was made to see the methods of implementation of the various work paragraphs, to deepen the practical and practical side, and to develop the practical spirit to realize the information and knowledge that students receive theoretically at the university.

During the scientific trip, the university staff and project management adequately explained and answered all the students’ questions. The students interacted in a very good way and benefited from the information they received on the site. Thanks were given to the project management for giving our students this opportunity to visit the project and see most of the implementation details.






Wednesday, 06 July 2022 19:31

Preparation course for a chief auditor in accordance with ISO 9001/2015



Under the patronage of the Head of the Civil Engineering Department, Prof. Dr. Hassan Hamoudi Johnny, the electronic class laboratory members in the department held a course on (Preparation of a Chief Auditor according to ISO 9001/2015) for the period 27-31/3/2022.

This course included the candidate obtaining an international auditor certificate with a membership identity granted by IRCA that qualifies him to lead the audit team within the committees formed at the university or the ministry. The holder of this certificate will have a good experience in completing and achieving the internal audit of the quality management system within the Laboratory Quality Classification Program (G.L.P) and verifying the application of the procedural modalities paragraphs, in addition to obtaining information on how to raise the level of the international classification of the university within the planned standards, and this certificate allows him to be accredited. The audit performed for any college or university.

The lectures were given by:

Prof. Dr. Mazen Badri Ahmed / Quality Systems Consultant

Prof. Majed Ahmed Ali / Quality Systems Consultant / Chief Auditor

A number of the department's laboratories members, the head of the quality assurance and university performance department, and the university's laboratories accreditation official participated in this course.








Wednesday, 06 July 2022 19:27

A workshop on (accreditation standards and their impact on the development of engineering education outcomes)



Under the attention of the University of Technology President, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al-Ghabban, and under supervision of the respected Head of the Civil Engineering Department, Prof. Dr. Hasan Hamodi Joni.

At 10:00 am, Thursday, March 31, 2022, the Construction Engineering and Project Management Branch / Civil Engineering Department held a workshop entitled (Accreditation criteria and their effect on the development of engineering education outcomes) in cooperation with the Iraqi Council for the Accreditation of Engineering Education Programs.

A number of department heads and university staff have been attended to the Civil Engineering Department professors and staff members of the department. The Head of the Civil Engineering Department, Prof. Dr. Hasan Hamodi Joni opened the workshop and he praised the outstanding work of the professors to set up such scientific workshops to serve the scientific process.


Led the workshop the following proffesors:

1- Prof. Dr. Ziyad Suleiman Muhammad Khalid

2- Asst. Prof. Dr.  Ali Nagy Attia

3- Prof. Dr. Jalal Muhammed Jalil

The workshop included discussion interventions by the attendees.

In the end, the appreciated certificates were awarded to the guests and participants of the workshop.






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