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Saturday, 16 July 2022 12:28

Highway and Bridges Engineering branch held a discussion session



Under the patronage of the Head of the Civil Engineering Department, Professor Dr. Hasan Hamodi Joni. In order to activate and maintain the experience of the visiting professor.

The Branch of Highway and Bridges Engineering in the Department of Civil Engineering held a discussion session on (problems of gypsum collapsing soils and modern methods of treating them)  on Thursday May, the 19th 2022.

The lecture was given by the expert Dr. Ahmed Abdel Azal Al-Mufti, a consultant in the Canadian Rocscience company and a former teacher at the University of Baghdad.

In the presence of the Administrative Assistant to the President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr.Hussein Hamid and a number of professors and employees of the department and graduate students, as well as professors and interested people from inside and outside the university.In the seminar, the visiting professor spoke about his long experience in the field of gypsum soils, and touched on basic and modern concepts and theories related to gypsum soils, The seminar attracted great interest from the attendees, and the visiting professor promised to hold other workshops and seminars in the near future.