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Saturday, 16 July 2022 11:53

Seminars for postgraduate students of the Water and Hydraulic Structures Engineering Branch




The Water and Hydraulic Structures Engineering Branch in the Civil Engineering Department held seminars for doctoral graduate students on 4/4/2022 in the discussion room in the department to discuss the students’ researches path

The discussion session was attended by the Head of the Civil Engineering Department, Prof. Dr. Hassan Hamoudi Johnny, and the Head of the Water Engineering and Hydraulic Facilities Branch, Prof. Dr. Jaafar Sadiq Maatouk, a group of the branch staff, supervisors, and postgraduate students in the department :.

- Alaa Hassan Nima Hussein

 Ruaa Khaled Hamdan Abdullah

Riyadh Abdel-Abbas Ali Kazem

Zainab Kazem Jabal Obaid

Abdul Razzaq Khader Abdul Wahed

Fouad Hussein Saeed Manea

Nour Sabah Abbas Khalaf

Jawad Kazem Muhammad

Zeinab Deccan Abbas

Fatima Habib Kazem

Mahmoud Jassim Muhammad

- Nasser Khalaf Muhaisen

Nour Qassem Sabri

During the seminars, the researches were discussed and valuable interventions were presented by the professors to evaluate the research path by asking accurate scientific questions related to the research.