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Wednesday, 06 July 2022 19:34

Scientific Visit to Al- Nakhla Residential Towers project



Within the scientific activities conducted by the Civil Engineering Department, the Highway and Bridges Engineering Branch in the department had a scientific trip to one of the investment projects, which is Al- Nakhla Residential Towers project / Al-Muthanna Airport Road for the students of the fourth stage of Roads and Bridges Engineering Branch with the students of the Building Engineering and Project Management branch on Thursday, 31 /3 / 2022.

A group of Civil Engineering Department staff went on the trip also, headed by the Head of the Roads and Bridges Engineering Branch, Dr. Makki Kamel Mohsen, Dr. Mohamed Abdel Latif Mahmoud, and Lec. Humam Hassan Mohammed and Lec. Almas Faraj Muhammad with a number of fourth-year students of the roads and bridges engineering, construction, and project management branches.

The trip was made to see the methods of implementation of the various work paragraphs, to deepen the practical and practical side, and to develop the practical spirit to realize the information and knowledge that students receive theoretically at the university.

During the scientific trip, the university staff and project management adequately explained and answered all the students’ questions. The students interacted in a very good way and benefited from the information they received on the site. Thanks were given to the project management for giving our students this opportunity to visit the project and see most of the implementation details.