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Wednesday, 22 September 2021 14:47

The department awarded a PhD degree in geotechnical engineering to (Ahmed Ali Hussein)




The Department of Civil Engineering awarded a PhD degree in geotechnical engineering to the student (Ahmed Ali Hussein) on 13/9/2021 and to the postgraduate hall in the department for his research tagged:
"Evaluation of the behavior of liquid reservoir foundations on sandy soils under the influence of earthquake".

Evaluation of the behavior of liquid tank foundations on sandy soils under the influence of earthquakes.
An official committee consisted of
1- Prof. Hussein Hamid Karim
2- Prof. Jawdat Kazdem Abbas Member
3- A.M.D. Saad Fayek Abbas is a member
4- A.D. Makki Kamel Hassan is a member
5- A.D. Medhat Shaker Medhat is a member
6- Prof. Mohamed Abdel Latif Mahmoud, member and supervisor
7- A.D. Falah Hassan, the departure of any member and supervisor

Saturated and dry sandy soils of different densities, shaft vibrating table machine with shear box was used Flexible laminate. Simulation of the local earthquake on the western as well as the international earthquake of El Centro and Kobe in this studying. Experimental tests were carried out on two water tank models It consists of a laminate cut box. The first model is a water tank Equivalent holding tank with water pressure to simulate a water storage tank without hydrodynamic pressure. From the results, it was found that the stability and offset in the directions of (x & z) directions significantly compared to the humidifier bent is equivalent in the second model at all acceleration states. Where is the area of ​​subsidence in subsidence Liquid storage due to the hydrodynamic pressure of saturated sand in the case of El Centro 2.3% and 6.2% in Ali Al Gharbi.