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Friday, 24 July 2020 21:25

The participation of the Civil Engineering Department faculty member who is Assist Prof. Tariq Abdul Hussein in a master's discussion at the University of Basra.



Under the cooperation framework among universities and the dissemination of scientific information, Assist Prof. Tariq Abdul Hussein from the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Technology participated in the discussion of a master student (Zainab Muhammad Hussein) from the Department of Earth Sciences/College of Science at the University of Basra for her research which is titled:

(Hydrogeochemistry of injection water and its effect on petrophysical properties in the upper sand member of Zubair Formation, Zobair Oil Field, southern Iraq)

On Thursday 06/18/2020.

Assist Prof. Tariq Abdul Hussein got thanks and appreciation letter from the College of Science Deanship at the University of Basra due to his efforts through his participation in the discussion committee.











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