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Seminars for graduate students in Water and Hydraulic Structures Engineering Branch




The Civil Engineering Department at the University of Technology holds seminars for postgraduate students in Water and Hydraulic Structures Engineering Branch to discuss the students' research in front of Asst. Prof Dr. Mohammud Salih Chairman branch and number of academic staff


The students who gave their presentations are:

  • Rana Dia

Assessment and Mitigation of Sediment Yield for Hemrin Dam watershed

  • Hunain Jawad

Evaluation of Seawater Intrusion  in Coastal Aquifer and Possibility of Control the Salt Intrusion

  • Ali Safih

Re evaluation of earthquake effects on the stability of Himreen Dam

  • Fouad Hassan

Modelling water quality and quantity in the Iraqi marshes, a case study (Abu-Ziriq Marsh).


  • Mustafa Talib Sharif

Modeling of Groundwater Quality of River Area in Iraq Using GMS model

  • Mona Galal

Calibration of selected discharge measuring

  • Mona Suleiman

Comparative Stability Analysis of Different Shapes of Elevated Water Storage Tanks Exposed to Earthquakes









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