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Workshop on the moving from traditional to outcome-based education




A training workshop titled (Transition from traditional to Outcomes based Education) is held in the Department of Civil Engineering Under the patronage of the President of the University of Technology Dr. Amin Douai Thamer, the main conference hall of the Civil Engineering Department.

at 9 am on Thursday 10/1/2019,  assistant professor Dr. Ali Naji Attia, a lecturer in the Civil Engineering Department at the University of Kufa is hosted to illustrate the outcome based education. 

Number of department staff have attended the workshop: Head of Civil Engineering Department, Hasan Hamoudi Jone, Administrative Assistant Department, Maan Salman Hassan, Director of the Division of Quality and Performance of the university in the department, Ali Majid, and a number of professors and staff of the department.

Dr. Ali Naji's lecture focused on how to design the curriculum to be based on learning outcomes and follow multiple strategies by the teachers to ensure that the student obtains the learning outcomes such as conducting periodic tests and evaluating the performance of students during lectures while raising some mental questions as well as evaluation during laboratory experiments and commissioning Students prepare scientific reports.

The workshop also pointed to the need of involvement the experts and employers in the design and development of curricula to suit the requirements of the labour market to ensure the incessant improvement of the educational system within the scientific institution.










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