Thursday, 01 June 2023 07:13

Workshop on climate change and its impact

Under the auspices of the Honorable Head of the Civil Engineering Department, Prof. Dr. Hassan Hamoudi Johnny
The Geomatics Engineering Branch in the Civil Engineering Department held a workshop entitled:
(Climate change and its impact)
At exactly eleven o’clock in the morning on Monday, 8/5/2023, and in the discussion hall in the department, the assistants of the head of the scientific and administrative department, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Youssef Fattah and Prof. Dr. Wael Shawky Abdel-Sahib, a delegation from the Marshes Restoration Center / Ministry of Water Resources, and a number of faculty and staff of the department
The workshop included two lectures:
-The first lecture was given by: Dr. Muntaha Qassem on (Detection of sand storms using detection indicators taken from satellite images)
- The second lecture given by: Ali Karim Shaish, a teacher, on (a study linking the changes in the drainage of the Euphrates River with the elements of the water pattern of the Mesopotamian marshes).