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Raad Abdulkhudhur Sehaib

Civil Engineering Department

Assistant Lecturer


My Name is “Raad Abdulkhudhur Sehaib” . I born in 1972, teacher in the University of Technology /civil engineering department Since 2014

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M.Sc. Degree in the field of the Civil Engineering / Structures- University of Baghdad / College of Engineering /Civil Engineering Department in 19/08/2014.

B.Sc. Degree in Structural Engineering /University of Technology- Baghdad – Iraq/ Building &Construction Engineering Department in 30/06/2008.

B.Sc. Degree in Mechanical Engineering/ Al-Mustansiriya University/College of Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering Department in 28/06/1996.

Structural Engineering

Tension Lap Splice Length of Reinforcing Bars Embedded in Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC)

Effect of steel fiber on the shear transfer strength across a crack in reactive powder concrete.

Compression Splices of Reinforcing Bars in Reactive Powder Concrete

Performance Of Steel Beams With Circular Openings Under Static And Dynamic Loadings

Effects of Bedding Types on the Behavior of Large Diameter GRP Flexible Sewer Pipes

Engineering Mechanics


Engineering Drawing