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      Lectures of First Stage Lectures of Structural Engineering Branch Lectures of Construction Engineering and Management Branch Lectures of Highways and Bridges Engineering Branch Lectures of Water and Dams Engineering Branch Lectures of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering Branch Lectures of Giomatic Engineering Branch


وصف البرنامج الاكاديمي لمواد المرحلة الاولى




First Year
ٍSubject Code  Subject Name Course Syllabuses-2018-2019 Course Description-2018-2019
C.E 1201 Mathematics 1    
C.E 1202 Mathematics 2    
C.E 1203 Eng. Mechanics (1)    
C.E 1206 physics    
C.E 1207 Engineering Drawing (1)    
C.E 1209 Engineering Geology (1)    
C.E 1211 Building Materials Technology (1)    
C.E 1101 Fundamental of Computer Science    
C.E 1102 Public Freedom and Democracy     
C.E 1106 Arabic Language    

وصف البرنامج الاكاديمي لمواد لمستوى الأول




First Year
 Subject Code and Name  Course Syllabuses-2019-2020 Course Description-2019-2020
CECG 109 Computer Aided Graphics Syllabus AR    EN
 CECH 107 Chemistry  Syllabus AR    EN
 CECM 102 Construction Materials 1  Syllabus AR    EN 
 CEED 104 Engineering Drawing  Syllabus AR    EN
 CEEG 108 Engineering Geology  Syllabus AR   EN
 CEMA 101 Math 1  Syllabus AR     EN
 CEMA 105 Math 2  Syllabus AR     EN
 CEMS 106 Eng. Mechanics-Statics  Syllabus AR     EN
 CEPH 103 Pysics for Engineers  Syllabus AR     EN
 UTCS 104 Computer Science  Syllabus AR    EN 
 UTEL 102 English Language 1  Syllabus  AR    EN 
 UTHD 103 Human Rights  Syllabus  AR    EN
 UTWS 101 Workshops 1  Syllabus  AR    EN
 UTWS 105 Workshops 2  Syllabus  AR   EN 

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